Sound Therapy

What Is Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy is a powerful healing force used in many cultures throughout the globe, for thousands of years, and still today.  Shaman have always used music and sound in their healing ceremonies in order to bridge this world with the other world......  In some hospitals today harp music is played for premature babies, as well as to comfort the dying and ease their pain.  Specific music calms us, centers us and relieves our stress.

Everything in the universe vibrates, each at its own specific, natural frequecy - including us.  Every system in our body has it's own cycle, rhythm, and pulse.  An imbalance, or dis-harmony, in these cycles can manifest as mental, physical or emotional imbalances, or disease.

Every cell in our body acts as a sound resonator, and our body is made up of at least 70% water.  Because of this our bodies are an excellent conductor of sound vibrations, making Sound Therapy a very effective method of healing.  A valuable adjunct to Acupuncture treatment, or any other form of treatment.
Healing vibrations stimulate and balance the body's subtle Meridian and Chakra systems, reconnecting us with the natural rhythms, and balancing our mind, body and spirit.  This is often done quite naturally without our even thinking about it .... while at the beach listening to the waves crash upon the shore .... listening to the birds in the early morning hours .... listening to wind through the trees.... or listening to the crackling sounds of fire.  All of these sounds are natural and healing vibrations which can relax our minds and allow our body to respond in healthy ways, such as lowering our heart rate and blood pressure, decrease muscle tension, smoothing our respiration, etc...


Sound Healing treatments may be combined with Acupuncture treatment or performed alone.  Sound Healing is completely painless and non-invasive.  Treatments tools include tuning forks, singing bowls, Tibetan bell, symphonic gonging, and/or drumming.

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Precision Calibrated Tuning Forks are applied to specific points along side, or in place of, acupuncture needles.  Specific frequencies are used in order to influence the body in the desired manner: to relax, to stimulate, to balance, etc.  Another set of tuning forks that I use is played above the body, within the person's energy field.  This set is more audible and the sounds are very pleasing and relaxing to the patient.
Singing Bowls are gonged on the abdomen or on the back.  This creates audible sound as well as direct vibration on the body.  It is very relaxing yet invigorating.
A Tibetan Bell is gonged above the singing bowls, to create an audible layered effect of harmonics.  Creating harmonics is very essential to affecting mood, and is also very relaxing and invigorating.
Probably the most relaxing and invigorating is listening to the Symphonic Gonging, which I generally do at the very beginning or ending of a session with some creative visualization work.  It allows for deep relaxation and meditation.  The vibration is actually felt by many patients in addition to hearing the amazingly beautiful range of harmonics created by the gongs.
Drumming is upon request for people interested in doing some meditative journey work during their Acupuncture or Sound Therapy treatment.
Some of the healing effects of Sound Therapy include:
       Relaxation Response Stabilize Heart Rate
       Stabilize Blood Pressure Evoke Positive Emotions
       Release Blockages And Tension Release Endorphins/Relieve Pain
       Carrier Wave For Healing Intension/Visualization Work

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